Free Cloud Storage Bonus Post

Almost every cloud storage provider has some sort of referral program. If you sign up through a link provided by a friend (or random person on a Web site you’ve barely heard of, whichever), often both parties will get “bonus” storage.

Hopping on the referral train! CHOO CHOO!

Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

  • Use this link to get a bonus 0.5 GB of storage (maximum of 5GB available through this offer)
  • Also, if you have most any mobile device with a camera, you can install the OneDrive app, and if you let it automatically upload your photos for safekeeping you’ll get an additional 3 GB of space. (It appears that you can promptly turn the feature back off after your account is credited with the extra space, if you don’t like keeping extra copies of your photos floating around.)


  • Use this link to get a bonus 500 MB of storage (maximum 16GB through this offer)
  • Also, Dropbox has a ridiculous number of things you can do to get additional space. Install their app on your smartphone and let it upload your photos to earn “up to” 3GB (I think it’s based on how much space you use). Follow them on Twitter, connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts, lots of stuff. Log in to your Dropbox account, go to the Account tab, and you’ll see a big list of ways to get bonus space.

  • Box frequently has random promotional events, usually tied to new hardware purchases. They change often enough that I’m just going to refer you to their site for details.
Free Cloud Storage Bonus Post

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