Managing Dozens of WordPress Sites with InfiniteWP

If you have anything to do with building or maintaining a Web site these days, there’s a decent chance the site uses WordPress. One study shows WordPress being responsible for over half of the 100 most popular blogs online. Another source from two years ago says WordPress is the engine for over 60 million Web sites. If you’ve used it, you probably aren’t too surprised by that; WordPress is pretty awesome.

Like any software, WordPress has to be maintained (at least a little bit, for security updates and such). And if you only have one site, or a few sites, that’s easy enough – log in every so often, hit the “Updates” link in the dashboard, and call it a day. But what if you work for a hosting company, or you’re a consultant/freelancer, and find yourself with fifty or more sites? That’s a lot of clicking.
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Using PHP to migrate email between servers

Let’s say you want to move your email from one provider to another (Google to Outlook, your ISP to your new ISP). If you don’t run your own mail server1, you might have to do this every few years. I’ve done it three or four times in my life, and I’ve only been using email regularly for maybe fifteen years.
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